Pregnancy Week 5

What to expect on pregnancy week 5

Fetal Development on Week 5
Fetus at Week 5The embryo is now developing and consists of the neural tube, mesoderm, and ectoderm. The neural tube will develop into the brain, spinal cord, skin, and hair. The mesoderm becomes the heart and circulatory system (this is the first thing to form) as well as muscles, kidneys, reproductive organs, and bones. The endoderm is where the liver, intestines, bladder, and pancreas form.
Maternal Changes on Week 5
Now that your period is late you will know that you are pregnant and can be sure by using a pregnancy test kit at this point. Your breasts may be swollen and you may have nausea. Your appetite will increase and you will need to urinate frequently because the uterus will start to press on your bladder.
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Pregnancy most commonly lasts 40 weeks, this website provides information of a general nature and is not a replacement for professional healthcare advise. There are many factors that can influence a pregnancy due date including age, ethnicity, number of previous children, and length of menstrual cycle. Every woman's pregnancy is different and the due date can only be estimated within a certain degree of accuracy.
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