Pregnancy Week 19

What to expect on pregnancy week 19

Fetal Development on Week 19
Fetus at Week 19Around your baby's skin a white cheese-like substance begins to form called the vernix caseosa. This protects the baby's skin inside of the uterus from the harmful effects of swimming inside amniotic fluid for months on end. The baby continues to grow, and the placenta grows along with it to nourish the baby. Though your baby is about seven ounces, it will weigh more than fifteen times its current weight once it is ready for birth.
Maternal Changes on Week 19
You may begin to develop skin changes, such as stretch marks. Stretch marks are unavoidable and there are no magic potions to prevent or completely remove them. There are also many skin changes that are caused by hormones such as blotchy patterns on your face and dry/itchy skin, as well as rashes.
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Pregnancy most commonly lasts 40 weeks, this website provides information of a general nature and is not a replacement for professional healthcare advise. There are many factors that can influence a pregnancy due date including age, ethnicity, number of previous children, and length of menstrual cycle. Every woman's pregnancy is different and the due date can only be estimated within a certain degree of accuracy.
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