Pregnancy Week 6

What to expect on pregnancy week 6

Fetal Development on Week 6
Fetus at Week 6The milestone during week six is that the fetus will have its first heart beat. This week is one of the most important as the fetus grows quickly to start the critical organ development. The umbilical cord, eyes, ears, and mouth opening begin to form. Most of the other organs are also forming. The arms and legs are also going into rapid development. At this point the fetus will measure somewhere between 45 and 84 millimeters.
Maternal Changes on Week 6
It cannot be stressed enough that this is such an important time in the baby's development. Care should be taken to not only avoid things such as alcohol but also seemingly harmless chemicals like hair coloring. Nausea and fatigue will increase in intensity and your food cravings will be very different from normal.
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