Pregnancy Week 13

What to expect on pregnancy week 13

Fetal Development on Week 13
Fetus at Week 13Instead of having its eyes on the side of its head, the eyes are moving towards the center of the face as the fetus is looking more and more human as the weeks go on. The ears are going into the normal position as well. The liver produces bile now and the pancreas starts to generate insulin. The intestines move more into the baby's body from the umbilical cord. It is technically possible to tell if the baby is a boy or girl at this point but practically difficult as ultrasounds are not clear enough.
Maternal Changes on Week 13
This is the start of the second trimester. The uncomfortable early symptoms of the first trimester should now be done with though you will probably still feel a bit tired. Your uterus will continue to stretch and this may cause some abdominal aches.
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